Rampunctious is the game of terrible puns! 4+ player and whoever makes the best, most or worst puns wins.

Game Design: Jen Carey

Art Directior: Basil Lim

Cringe Art: Eveliina Durchamnn

Additional Writing: John Fitzgerald

Rampunctious is a party game about making the worst possible pun. It's a party game for four or more players and the aim is to make the best - or worst - pun possible and make your friends cringe. Points are given by the Pundit, who acts as a judge, and can also be awarded by other players for truly spectacular jokes via a Cringe card.

Rampunctious is the first tabletop game by Fickle Games. It's family friends and based in improv and wordplay. The game sets players up with a Scenario and punning topic then let's them show off their own pun skills and humor.

Rampunctious was successfully Kickstarted (link to Kickstarter) in March of 2017 where it raised €13,500 from 379 backers. Rampunctious is due to officially launch in October. 

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About Jen

Jen Carey is a game designer, writer, lecturer and engineer based in Dublin. She graduated from IT Carlow in 2012 with a degree in Computer Game Development. Since then Jen has worked fora number of games and tech companies as a QA Engineer. 

Jen is the founder of Fickle Games as well as the designer and producer of Rampunctious, their first tabletop game. She gives talks on a variety of topics from women in games/tech to design to funding.

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