Jen Carey

Experience, Community Work, Education and Courses

I originally started in the games industry after training as a developer however the focus of my work has been in Quality Assurance, especially manual QA and test creation. Two years ago I started freelancing and have moved into game design and narrative. During this time I've worked on my own game projects such as Rampunctious, a party game that is about to enter production after a successful Kickstarter. I also started lecturing part time at Pulse college in game design and game narrative.

I am strongly involved in the Irish Game Development community, running events such as Cardboard Céilí and helping run The Games CoOp. I was elected to the board of Imirt: The Irish Game Makers Association towards the end of last year, where we work to promote and encourage game makers throughout Ireland.

In my free time, aside from playing games, I work on my own projects, write scripts and work with a team to shoot short films. I also travel to as many international games events as possible to keep up to date with the advances the changes to the medium.

I am currently looking for work. I am open to game design or game writing jobs. I am also available for short term manual Quality Assurance work in any tech field.

Examples of writing and narrative games can be found on the main site, more writing examples are available on request.

References available on request.




Pulse College

I have lectured in Game Design, Game Narrative and Animation Narrative in Pulse College, Dublin on both the part time and full time courses. This includes creating course content, giving lectures and marking projects.

Game Designer/ Producer

Fickle Games

Over the last year I developed and worked to product a party game called Rampunctious. This involved creating and working with a team of three, organising promotion, running a successful crowd funding campaign through Kickstarter and current involves working with our manufacturer to create and ship these games. You can find the Kickstarter project here

Rampunctious is a party game about making puns. It's based around social interactions and each game contains a number of unique cards. More details on the game can be found here.

QA Consultant


During my time at Airconics I ran test suites, wrote test cases, helped organise the test creation structure. I worked on both web based programs and iOS apps.


QA Engineer



I worked on a variety of products while at Havok, from their game engine Project Anarchy to their Simulation, Destruction and Animation. 
My job involved creating and structuring test plans across a variety of products. Learning new software and adjusting to updating and changing products. During this time I worked with a direct team of three as well as with multiple teams across the office both remotely and in person.

QA Engineer


This position was primarily to test the integration of iap into the existing games on Android devices.


During this time I tested the a number of games created by Playfirst on a variety of iOS devices. I also added new products to the games and helped reskin polish a legacy game for a new purpose.
Games: Diner Dash, Cooking Dash, Hotel Dash, Hotel Transylvania Dash, Mall Stars.

QA/ Developer


Community Work



I was elected to the board of Imirt: The Irish Game Makers Association towards the end of 2016. At Imirt we work to progress, showcase and help the game makers of Ireland by doing a variety of things, such as organising talks and workshops, approaching funding bodies and connecting creators. 

Events Organiser






I both run and help run a variety of events within the games community. Such as:

Cardboard Céilí - A monthly board game meet up for developers to network

The Games CoOp - A monthly meet up for demoing games and finding new team members to work with.

Games Retreat - I have co-organised an international games retreat taking place in Kerry which will be happening this year. 

GTFO! Screening - I organised a screening of the film GTFO! in the Science Gallery highlighting some of the challenges in the games industry. 





Over the last few years I have given a number of speakers and taken part in panels for a variety of events revolving around tech and games 

This year: State of Play 2017, Games Fleadh 2017 - Keynote

Previously: State of Play (2016), International Womens Day, Diversity in Games                                                   (2016), Coder Girl Hack Day(2015), Synapse (2014), Science Week (2012)

Education and Courses


The Science of World Building - Big Smoke Writing Factory (Dave Rudden)

Writing Fiction - Big Smoke Writing Factory (Claire Hennessy)

Game Design

Game Design workshop - Owen Harris


Acting and Film making



Directing for Beginners - Filmbase

Acting for Camera - Irish Film Academy

Performance Year - Gaiety School of Acting

Acting for camera/Page to Stage - Gaiety School of Acting

B.Sc. Ord in Game Development

IT Carlow

I graduated from IT Carlow in 2012 with a degree in Computer Game Development. During my time there I studied C++, C#, Python, Java, Javascript as well as physics and 3D graphics. Although I don't work as a developer anymore I have a strong basis in coding and understand development techniques, processes and limitations from having studied them myself.