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Do As I Say

Yesterday I gave a talk about networking, building interest, making opportunities and finding success in games. It was based around a blog post a friend of mine, Carl, made years ago called Do Things, Tell People.

The premise is simple, first you need to do things. 'Things' can be games or tech or anything. 'Things' should show off your skills and give people a reason to talk to you. The second step is 'Tell People'. You need to be always broadcasting your work, letting others know what you're up to and keeping them interested. Tweet about it, blog about it, talk about it. Go to events and take part. Doing this in a constant cycle does lead to amazing opportunities and chances. And it's a formula that works for any creative industry.

As I was writing the talk, I realised that I wasn't really doing everything that I was telling others to. I stay active in events and am constantly working on projects. I'll gush to people about my work but I've kind of forgotten to tell people about it online and I rarely post demos or proper details. I have occasional posts or tweets starting to discuss games or giving a bit of info but then I forget about it and move onto something else.

I hate the idea of: Do as I say not as I do. If I don't follow my own advice, why should anyone else? 

So here is my list of things I'll be doing:

  • Tweet from the official @fickle_games account more often with updates
  • Tell everyone about the progress we've made in Rampunctious (aka Stu Pun'd Us) and where we are now
  • Tell everyone about the issues we've faced making Rampunctious
  • Let you know what my "bigger computer game" project actually is beyond complaining about having to write a framework for it.
  • Redesign the website - in addition to, rather than instead of, more content.
  • Let you know my plans for talks and events

I look forward to sharing all this work with you, and I hope when you read about it you're as excited about it as I am.