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UK Games Expo 2018

tl;dr I don't think I can feel my feet but otherwise this event was great!

Celtic Cardboard Booth

This year Celtic Cardboard got together to get a booth at the UK Games Expo. Getting to events on your own can be very expensive so being able to split the costs between a group of other game developers was brilliant.

We were showing three games at the table, Rampunctious, Movable Type by Robin David and Dare to Dream by Turtle Dream Games.

Another Irish company Decking Awesome games were also at the expo demoing their new game Dice Summoners. I hear it went really well and I'm so excited for their Kickstarter.

A huge shout out to John who agreed to drive from Dublin to Birmingham so we could have stock at the show, we couldn't have done it without you!


The Expo

It was really great to see so many people interested in tabletop games. I've been to computer game events in the past but this was the first big event I attended dedicated to tabletop games. 

I also got to meet some really cool people over the weekend. Like Gil Hova who was beside us for the event. I'd played The Networks a few weeks ago and loved it! I picked up a copy of Wordsy at the event and I can't wait to play it... who knew I was into word games eh? I also got to meet Patrick another Formal Ferret -er and had a few nice chats, he now owes me an ice cream, I can't remember why but I'm going with it!

We had a change to talk to Rory O'Connor of Rory Story Cube fame and Duncan Molloy from Osprey Games. They were both really cool people who were full of helpful advice and interest int eh burgeoning Irish tabletop games scene. It's so nice to meet other Irish game makers, even if they're not in the area any more.

Core Take Aways

1. We should not have trusted the standard of a place called the Quality Hotel.

2. Friday is super quiet but Saturday is super busy so it all evens out.

3. Next year we're going to need a much bigger booth!