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Bragging Rights: Mini Print and Play

Calling all reviewers, podcasters, improv-y storytelling board game extraordinaires! 

Bragging Rights is set to hit Kickstarter on 8th August!

Bragging Rights is a game of competitive bullshitting for 3 - 7 players. It's a competitive narrative building game that encourage hilarious yet well thought out plans for criminal fame!

You play as a soon-to-be criminal mastermind... and so does everyone else. There is one crime and everyone is competing to tell the best story about how they did it. Each player needs to weave a story explaining every piece of evidence left at the scene. No two stories can be the same. But watch out, if you mess up and your story stops making sense other players can wager their street cred to call you out on it. You’ll need to convince everyone at the table that you’re making sense to not lose face (and points).

To help promote it and get word out about the game we've created a sampler print and play. The final game will have approx 300 cards, but this print and play has 81 cards over 9 pages. It should have enough for a few games, especially if you have less than 7 people. It also shows the level of replay-ability even with a small number of evidence and crime cards. Since we're pretty small, we can't afford to print off fancy review copies to send to everyone (especially when they cost €75+ a game), so we're hoping some of you lovely folks will take a look at the PnP instead to get a feel for the game. 

To download click on the links below then right click and download.

Print and Play pdf



If you have any questions about the game feel free to email me: or comment below

If you like the game please tell your friends! And keep an eye out for our Kickstarter coming August 8th.