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Bragging Rights - A flying update

What's that? There's been radio silence on Bragging Rights since we announced it? You're wondering what's up? It's very convenient that you're asking questions on the exact topics I'm going to talk about here and now, imaginary person.

Where are we now?

Bragging Rights is nearly finished. We've had a large number of playtests and have refined the mechanics down and down until it works really well. The playtesters and feedback we received were invaluable and I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to play it.

Right now we're working on the official fancy prototype (more details why below), and trying to calculate the optimum amount of cards. We were originally playing with a deck of 40 crimes and 60 pieces of evidence, but have found that due to card draw numbers that can be repetitive at times. Last night we decided to up the evidence count to 240 pieces. Usually that would mean a day or two of me and a friend coming up with content, but this time it's a little different. Mainly because we decided that art is super pretty and therefore we now need 180 extra pieces of it...

Fancy Prototype, you say?

Fickle Games, as a founding member of Celtic Cardboard, are going to the UK Games Expo (UKGE) in June! I am so excited to get there and meet everyone. Although I've been to computer game conferences and cons in the past, this is going to be my first big dedicated tabletop game event.

Since we have one game made and another on the way we've teamed up with the rest of Celtic Cardboard to book a booth to showcase our stuff. Which is why we need some fancy prototypes to show off. 

Unfortunately, living in Ireland, the only way to get prototypes made is to order from POD services in China or the US. So on top of print time you add shipping and the International Item Movement Confusion Allowance (aka it's supposed to take 5 days and it's been a month so it should be here soon right?) and it turns out we really don't have a lot of time to make the rest of this content. While some content can definitely change due to the cost of the prototyping we're really hoping to get everything as close as possible so we can continue to use these samples for showing off the game.

UK Games Expo

This event is on the June bank holiday in the NEC Birmingham. There will be hundreds of publishers and game creators showing off their stuff, and we'll be one of them!

If you're going make sure to check out the Celtic Cardboard booth and see some of the great games we have on show. You can even pick up a copy of Rampunctious or play Bragging Rights before anyone else! 

We're there the from Thursday to Monday and can't wait to meet everyone!