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Introducing.... Bragging Rites!

Hear about that Picasso going missing? That was me. I stole it using a well placed shoe lace, escaped on a messenger bike and used a basket of kittens as a decoy. What? You don't believe me? Think you have a better explanation? 

What happens when you finish making one game? You start making the next.

I've been playing with the idea of Bragging Rites* since about halfway through making Rampunctious and now I'm finally able to dedicate some time to it.

In Bragging Rites* you need to convince a table of fellow criminals that you committed that crime everyone's talking about. Anyone can say they stole the Mona Lisa but can your story hold up after the evidence comes out? Why did they find a styrofoam hammer, a well used suitcase and a judges' wig at the scene? Whoever weaves the best and - more importantly - most consistent story of how they committed the crime gains bragging rights. But watch out, the others can quiz you on your choices and call rubbish on your story if they aren't convinced. 

Bragging Rites* is in a mid-stage prototype at the moment, it's being designed by myself and Basil Lim (who you might remember from the Rampunctious art design) and we started playtesting a few weeks ago.

We're looking to get a fancy prototype together soon and run more play sessions. If you're interested in playtesting let me know, we've a sign up form here. And keep an eye out, you might hear about Bragging Rites* being shown in some interesting places in the near future.

* currently a working title, don't be surprised if it changes many times :)