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Get A Grip: An Introduction

There's nothing like a deadline to inspire creativity for anything except the task at hand. One could almost say deadlines are necessary to find new projects to move on to. That's definitely the case for me.

One day, in the shower -as the shower is where all good ideas choose to reside- as a work filled, stressful deadline loomed an idea jumped into my head. Half of it was formed, which isn't to say it was half formed, the other half planned in no great detail.

Over the last while I've started going climbing a lot. (There's a whole blog post in how the girl who used to cry on the second step of a ladder because it was too high up became a climber but this is not it.) Its a great way to de-stress but more importantly climbing is such a games-y sport.. . I'll go into this in a climbing post at some stage but back on topic, the new project: Get A Grip.

The Master of Grip!

The Master of Grip!


A few friends of mine have games involving custom controllers and I've always been in a state of pure unadulterated jealousy of them. So when I thought of something that might work I jumped at it. Get A Grip is going to be a game using a custom controller made from a tendon trainer (see how the climbing was relevant?). I started researching pressure sensors a while ago but I bought a Gripmaster to modify today so I'm considering this the start of the project. Or at least the start of the commitment to it. I have spent 12 euro on this! I must now complete it at all costs!

I know very little about pressure sensors, wires, arduinos and all that other stuff... I have some experience in mechanics from helping my parents fix their motorbikes and how different could this be right?... RIGHT? ...




                                                                                                                                    pfft get a grip