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Rampunctious Update: Dublin Comic Con

This past weekend was Dublin Comic Con.
19,000 people descended upon the Convention Centre in Dublin, to see the awesome cosplay, get to meet amazing comic artists and writers, take pictures with Bobby from Supernatural (Jim Beaver) and Hershel from The Walking Dead(Scott Wilson)... and of course, check out Rampunctious!

Pulse College organised for a game development area for local developers to be set up at the con so we could show our wares. 

Being unique, as always, Rampunctious was the only table top game there but there's nothing like a novelty to draw people over. 

This is the first time I've been behind a table at any public event like this and wow was it a learning curve.

I quickly realised I should have begged, borrowed and kidnapped to get a second person there to promote the game. There's something quite disheartening to hear that people were looking at the game while I was away from the table (for frivolous luxuries like lunch and the loo) and they had no one to inform them about the pun-ishing game play.

Along side this, explaining a game made for 4+ players can be difficult when there aren't enough people around to play a few test rounds. This is something I'll need to figure out before our next showcase, but we will hopefully soon have a demo video completed to show people online how to play.

With the exception of two rude punters, the people at DCC were amazing. Excited to hear about the game and some extremely enthusiatic pun pros taking a crack at it.

One cocky game dev challenged me to a pun off playing the (not yet finished) two player competitive mode and he quickly realised why I'd been telling people that I couldn't play in rounds because it wasn't fair. (Never try to beat a dev at their own game.)

I'd like to thank Pulse College for the space at comic con, and thank all the awesome game devs in the room who made the weekend enjoyable. Especially the volunteers and devs who took time from their own work to play Rampunctious and show people how it worked.
Check them out below:

Darkside Detective
Hot Cereal
Newlove Games
Shuggybee Games
Romero Games
Robot Squid Studios
9th Impact
Fierce Fun
Good Man Lads
Peripheral Labs
Green Sawdust
Nebula Interactive

(If I haven't linked you or forgot to add you to the list, message me on twitter and I'll edit it, I'm going from memory and googling power!)