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Playing The Puns: A Rampunctious Update

The Name Of The Game

First of all - as I'm sure you have an encyclopedic knowledge of my posts - you must be wondering, "An update? On Rampunctious? But I've never even heard of it!" Fear not, all will be explained.

Initially the pun game was called Stu Pun'd Us. It was kind of a terrible name that no one could remember, so we made a long list of possible names. Two days later we sat down with some paper and tried to remember as many of them as possible. We could only think of two: Pundamental and Rampunctious. There's already a card game out called Fundamental so that left us with Rampunctious. At the moment we're pretty happy with the name but it isn't set in stone. There might be another change based on public opinion before we hit the production phase, but we'll see as we go.

Pun-ishing work

We started properly play-testing Rampunctious a few weeks ago. I'd been working on getting various test groups together and organised for a while but, well, cat herders will know of my struggle. Eventually we took it out at a game developer retreat to see what people thought. We had some great feedback and started tweaking the gameplay based on it. Our second playtest went even better with a lot of cringing and excitement. Since the retreat there's been one more playtest and two more planned. Thanks to the social nature of the game, there is no large economic or scoring system to mess around with and we're hoping to have it finished pretty soon.

Standing app-art

While the content is being checked by our play testers, we've been doing tedious Kickstarter research and looking at getting an artist to come on board.  And we think we've found one! Hopefully soon Rampunctious will look like a game rather than a collection of paper. I won't mention names as it isn't a certainty yet but I'll go out on a limb and say it will be bombastic. As well as the art there is some work being done on a companion app of Rampunctious. At this stage we're not sure where it's going, whether it'll be used for promotion or a cheaper version or... there are a lot of things to do with it. While we're busy trying to learn everything about making and launching a card game, our carlish dev has been languishing in the throes of web dev. We hope to give him a reprieve soon.