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Airports Are Opportunities.

Many people hate airports. The waiting, the boredom, the endless bland walls, hemming you in as you wait to be moved from point a to point b. They hate them with a burning passion. The security, the queues, the seemingly endless scans and ticket checks. Everyone shuffling in a line to be patted down and x-rayed. Arriving hours early to peer at shifting screens of gates and numbers leading you past shop after shop of oddly placed goods. I can't think of who decides to buy a new camera in the airport, or a collection of Waterford crystal, but it must happen. 

I don't hate airports.

I love them.

To me, airports are opportunities. They are gateways to adventure. They're the loading screen to an amazing game, after which, good or bad, something will happen. A memory will always be made after an airport. From holidays to life changing experiences, new friends, new home, new work. When I step into an airport I get excited, and I feel comfortable. It's like stepping into the ether. The time spent in an airport is the time you get to prepare yourself. To get your mind ready for the journey ahead. It might be an hour long flight to England or fourteen hours to California, it doesn't matter. Sit back, relax, breathe. An airport is the beat before the music starts, the deep breath before the dive.  

Take a moment and take it in.

It's the start of your next adventure.

Jen Carey