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Stu Pun'd Us: A Work in Progress

Stu Pun'd Us is a social card game currently in development by myself and John Fitzgerald .

It revolves around improvising stories about ludicrous scenarios while trying to throw in as many puns as possible. Each player has a unique topic to make puns about but they all need to revolve around the same scenario. The best story is rewarded the scenario card at the end of the round, which counts as a point. Mildly terrible puns are encouraged but truly terrible tenuous connections are punished by Cringe cards. Which are subtracted from your overall score at the end of the game.

Stu Pun'd Us will, hopefully, be entering play testing soon. Depending on the response you'll either see a lot more about it, or never hear about it again. Such is the nature of games.

I'm torn between testing it first with a) games people or b) improvisers. If the improvisers can't improv to it, then they're too obscure or limiting, but if the improvisers can work with them there's no guarantee others can too...

If people do like it, the next step will be finding an artist and then deciding if we should attempt the Kickstarter indie route or try to sell it to a publisher. I know nothing about either of these things, so exciting times ahead.