This is a page about the creator of Fickle Games Jen Carey. She is an independent game maker working in analog and digital games.

Fickle Games was set up by Jen in 2015 when she started working independently on designing games. Based in Fickle Games works making games of all varieties. with the current focus being on Tabletop Games such as Rampunctious and Bragging Rites. Fickle Games is also a proud member of Celtic Cardboard, a group of independent Irish tabletop creators working together to spread the word of Irish games.

About the founder

Jen splits her time between a number of things. She's a game maker, lecturer, writer, film maker and event organiser.

Based in Dublin she makes as many games as possible and annoys friends with fabricated stories and really bad jokes. She is a board member of Imirt: The Irish Game Makers Association, she works in analog and digital games and attends as many games events as possible.

Jen is available to talk on a variety of topics, to get in contact use the email below.

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