This is a page about the creator of Fickle Games Jen Carey. She is an independent game maker working in analog and digital games.

Fickle Games was founded in 2015 by Jen Carey to create  independent games. Basil Lim soon came on board as art director and co-designer.

Based in Dublin, Fickle Games works making games of all varieties. with the current focus being on Tabletop Games such as Rampunctious and Bragging Rites. Fickle Games is also a proud member of Celtic Cardboard, a group of independent Irish tabletop creators working together to spread the word of Irish games.

About Jen

Jen started in computer games, working for a variety of games and tech companies before Fickle Games. She is a board member of Imirt: The Irish Game Makers Association, lectures in game narrative and design and occasionally works as a QA engineer. She works in analog and digital games and regularly gives talks on games based topics, as well as diversity in games and tech.

Jen is available to talk on a variety of topics, to get in contact please use the email provided.

About Basil

Basil started in computer games as the art director of bitSmith Games where he worked on Kú: Shroud of the Morrigan. He currently lectures in game design and game art. Basil also works as a Technical Artist and 3D Modeller for Janeious, as well as being skilled in 3D animation, 2D animation and illustration.

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